defining bachelorette

In 2008,  I started a project called The Chronicles of a Bachelorette. Something I hoped would one day turn into a lovely collection of vignettes that would be published and distributed throughout the globe, inspiring women everywhere.  It started with a farewell post to 2008, a liberating hollaback to all the boys who crossed my path that year.  From trying to turn a baby daddy into a boyfriend and using fraternity boys to feed my deflated ego to writing hopeful love letters to a beautiful young criminal and unknowingly devirginizing a high school boy who looked like a beautiful young criminal, I had stories to share.

By websters definition, a bachelorette is “a young unmarried woman.”  To me, bachelorette status has nothing to do with not being married or trying to find a romantic relationship.  It’s not about the men at all.

Bachelorette status is a mindset that involves cultivating a deep meaningful relationship with one’s self, the most important relationship of all.  These chronicles aren’t so much about the men who come and go but about myself as a Filipina woman struggling to find identity, spirituality and love.  I hope you enjoy them.

  1. lifeonmyside
    October 26, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    LOVE the new site! and yes girl.. life is more than just talk on relationships and love.

    so much more.

    be free.

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